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          Stop The Violence Against Randy.org

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          The Mathematics room
          Video: Saturn's Polar Hurricane
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          How do solar systems form?

          How to build a nuclear bomb

          This animation is showing
          a wrong concept for fission.
          Neils Bohr determined that
          atomic nuclei take on
          an intermediate state
          before fission occurs.
          There is NO momentum transfered
          in the direction of the nuetron.

          My Testimony.
          Please call now if you can help
          760 891 9143

          (This site is currently under developement. I need help with php and mysql. All links should work, but there are numerous seperate subjects thrown together and requiring editing. Thank you for your patience. Due to the criminal misconduct of the U.S. government and the tendency of Capitalists to steal Intellectual property from people they regard as coming from lower social-economics classes, many of the pages here presenting new inventions or intellectual property developed by myself over years of study are being left in a disorganized state. Any reader would be lost in trying to understand ALL the information being presented. Without this Author as your guide, you will not find full insight into my work.)

          Letter for the Day
          Sieg Heil, Amerika The staff and personnel of the former U.S. Government have decided that we must all hail their idea of what we are supposed to be in our lives. We , I , do not have the right to self determination by these people. This gov believes that if a person peruses a career in the government, that as they get promoted, say as a cop or lawyer, then they have more rights than the rest of us. This gov believes that they have the same rights as we do, but then, they are adding powers and privileges, and so they become superior to us, superior to the non promoted citizen. When an agent of this gov says, 'Obey the Law,' we should respond with ,'Sieg Heil' sharply, and snap your feet together for effect. The police here are inventing untested Opinions of what they think law is, then they are taking hurtful acts against people they hate for other reasons, having nothing to do with the charge they may claim against someone. This puts any citizens making testimony against them on the defensive. So the police of the United States file false charges to protect their crimes in uniform and errors. We have a deadly grave situation in the former U.S. Today. High level agents of this gov are working to destroy our constitution, and plunge the world into another dark ages, where only they have technology and medical care. Well, lets be very clear, in 1975/76 it was the second year at my high school where the state, in response to the continuing scandal of student athletes going through 16 years of school, failing to make a career in the NFL, or NBA, then end up homeless, UNABLE TO EVEN READ, AFTER ATTENDING COLLEGE. HIGH SCHOOL, AND GRADE SCHOOL. Because of that, everyone had to pass certain classes. The football guys and the Swim team guys then went about attacking the smart kids, saying we were making their lives to hard. I was ˇ°encouraging our teacherˇ±, Mr. Vierra, thereby causing more information to be presented in class, thereby making it harder for the dumb people. And those dumb people became violent, they lie without conscience, and are willing to do anything to hurt others, even violating the most personal aspects of someone else's life. ONE MAN CANNOT STAND ALONE BEFORE THIS GOVERNMENT, AND EXPECT HIS RIGHTS TO BE HONORED. In my school years, there was an old woman, who in response to me talking in class about peace and equality, she said, 'The world is ever only one generation away from total dictatorship'. She was saying what another young man screamed at me, He said, 'The United States will be the strongest nation on earth, and when we grow up, and take the jobs in government, we will do whatever we want.' That was in third grade. In a rural American town. That was in the seventies, and maybe 1968 and 69. But throughout the last 40 years I have been seeing these same hateful people doing exactly what they said, all those years ago. And remember, these are not the same individuals I went to school with, I don't personally know these people, but they know me sometimes, and they always attack me in the same ways. I recently heard the threats made by ISIS against homosexuals. They say, 'The throne of god is shaking.' and the homos know the threat is aimed at them. Here, in the U.S., they have a similar ˇ°targetedˇ± threat. Scientifically interested kids are told, you will never make a living with physics. You can't invent something, and make money from it. We will always seek to rob the inventor.

          My name is Randal Tanner, and I have been the target of American Cultural Hate for as long as I can remember. But if I were to say that in front of those who have persecuted me for so long, I would be interupted, and shouted down. They would do anything to disrupt my train of thought, and then just declare to the group that I had nothing to say. That, is hate. I AM APPEALING FOR POLITICAL ASYLUM. Do you want to know what's going on in America? Then click here to read why America is so violent
          I am 52 year of age now, a grown man, with skills and experience, and knowledge that I have gained over a lifetime. I am denied the RIGHT to document and benefit from my efforts to improve my education and situation, despite my health problems, and being born to this insane nation. Imagine if all your life you were told your work to improve your life "just doesn't count". Well, what I do for me counts. ALWAYS. In the course of trying to talk to other americans about the violence and hate spewed at me by this culture, I have been told that "it doesn't matter", or "we don't care" sic. (about the constitution). The employees of this government have directly said that it does not matter if they commit perjury.

          I am the son of man who took a job at a U.S. government weapons lab in the 1960's. His job was to develope the proccess by which crystals of Berylium, doped with Uranium 235, were made into small tubular ceramic parts for a Nuclear Ramjet engine for a cruise missle. What a job for a guy with two kids and a wife to care for.
          Do you know that the U.S. gov. says that a higher education, college, is a priviledge? It is not it is our right to document the skills and experience we obtain in life.
          I have worked as an auto mechanic electronics assembler and solderer, I do plumbing since 1985. I have some math and chemistry background and have a backlog of products to build. However, trying to do business with the government here is impossible for those of us who are hated by this gov's staff and personel.

          Note: In 1980, I lived in the Silicon valley area south of San Fransico, Ca. I met a woman there who said to me that she was taking a job in government so that if the people ever voted for something they didn't like, the employees of the government were conspiring to undermine votes of the people to impose their own desires. That is just what is happening today. This government's staff does NOT believe in democracy.

          As a part of my own personal efforts to rehabilitate myself from long term disability, I have tried to follow the same sort of program that would have been offered to other disabled people. I have focused on my personal talents, and have designed some very valuable items to make and sell.

          One product that can be made in a garage is a it's-time-has-come inovation for the plumbing industry. It also will solve the problem of what to do with all the waste plastic we are generating.

          Another product is a new type of refrigerator that uses Carbon Dioxide as the refrigerant. This particular invention is of great benefit because it will change the way energy is distributed, saving a great deal of money from waste.

          But what is it about America that it hates it's own culture of science and invention? Thomas Edison would be hung in the public square for practicing Witchcraft, if he were here today. Yet the people continue to stand silent in the face of all this violence directed at intelligent people.

          I beleive a backlash against people of scientific talent is underway here. If an intellectual person seeks independence, that person will be attacked.

          In the past when I have had arguements with other cultural americans about technology and the future, they always say the same things. People of intellectual talent are "disposable". We are like children who don't know what we are doing. The truth is THEY don't know what THEY are doing. "Father forgive them they know not what they do." Who said that?

          The world economy is failing because the people who run this government are doing nothing to make a better future. They are planning for collapse of the economy and their opportunity to resort to violence on a mass scale. See, here in the U.S., the police don't keep the peace, they make as much trouble as they can, getting innocent people hurt, while they protect their egos from public shame.

          wordpress to be seen here. Blog

          The Carbon Dioxide Grand Cycle is about the cirulatory mechanism for CO2 in Earth's atmosphere. It has been proven that CO2 can precipitate from a planet's atmosphere.
          Look & click next pane-->

          The Carbon Dioxide RefrigeratorFukushima Reactor disaster Data

          Click here to see a PDF file of the Carbon Dioxide Grand Cycle!(Look for the file name:GrandCyclePresentation.pdf)

          CLICK HERE to see the proof that Carbon Dioxide can snow out of a planet's sky.
          Gas Laws

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